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Tag: artificial intelligence

Microsoft AI Chip

Microsoft Breaks into AI Chip Market, Aims to Overthrow Nvidia’s Reign

Microsoft has revealed its first custom-made chips for artificial intelligence (AI) in the cloud, responding to developers’ increasing demand for alternative suppliers to Nvidia, the current market leader in AI. During its annual Ignite developer conference, Microsoft announced the creation of its own AI chips, marking a significant shift in its strategic direction. Continue Reading…

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Elon Musk´s newest AI venture

Mastering AI Dominance: Elon Musk’s Strategic Gambit to Grok the Future with Against OpenAI’s Might

Elon Musk’s newest AI venture, X.AI, has entered the fray against AI titans with its language model ‘Grok.’ Founded recently, X.AI is already pitching itself as a major player. Musk, known for shaking up industries, has brought his disruptive touch to AI, with Grok touted as a top contender. Continue Reading Mastering AI Dominance: Elon…

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AI-Powered Gadgets

Unlock the Possibilities of the Future: AI-Powered Gadgets as Must-Have Tech

As technology continues to develop, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has been one of the most exciting advances in the last few years. AI-powered gadgets are leading the way, offering users unprecedented levels of convenience, intelligence, and capability. In 2023, AI-powered gadgets will be a must-have tech for every enthusiast. Continue Reading Unlock the…

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